Monday, February 2, 2015

My Past Experiences with Technology & MORE.

In my previous years of learning, I experienced many different forms of technology.

Technology was not huge in my schools growing up, but I took a couple classes that enhanced my knowledge.

Two classes that helped me the most in knowing how to use technology were Yearbook class and Business Tech. They allowed me to learn and use different programs on the computer that I would not have normally been exposed to.

I learned a lot about InDesign and Photoshop which I hope will enhance my abilities as a teacher. They taught me a lot about creativity and I think they could be useful tools to have in my classroom.

I also am pretty knowledgeable about Word and other Microsoft programs. This I also think could come in handy as a teacher.

In my regular classes in school we had some exposure to overhead projectors, ceiling projectors, Elmo's, and some with Smart boards. These are awesome tools but I wish I had more interaction with other types of technology.

Mcapdevila, November 12, 2014; Multi-license CC-BY-SA-3.0 and GFDL
In high school, we also used the computers a good bit for my English classes. We would go to computer labs and type our papers and use the internet to find sources for research, but that was about the extent of it.

The technology I see in college, and even in my old schools is rapidly progressing and I am excited to see what will come about when I have my own classroom. There are endless possibilities with all the technology that is out in the world these days.

I hope to learn more about technology in the future. For example, how to better use a Smart board, or how to create cool videos, or how to make my own website or app for my students. I think all of these things would not only be helpful for me but also for my students.

All these things will hopefully contribute tome being able to have a fun, interactive learning classroom one day.